Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Other people's clothes - get into them.

I was once very wary of buying second hand clothing. Extremely fearful of broken seams and miscellaneous stains. But now I feel quite put out if forced to pay double figures for clothing, aside from jackets, trousers, shoes. Since I've embraced the 'vintage' clothing lifestyle I have discovered that 5 is the magic number. For $5 you can get a dress, top, scarf, bag, skirt, lots really. A few things I try to avoid, still the broken seams and stains, as well as worn fabrics and things that obviously wouldn't fit, despite the over enthusiastic stall holder (we know what they're up to).

Fashion Illustration - by me.

When at the market there may be stall holders who are selling new stuff... sure they've made it themselves... they've been inspired by decent trends... they are sticking it to the sweat shops... but in the end, I'd rather buy the old stuff. At the moment I'm particularly fascinated with fashions from the 90s. In some cases, cause it's not quite vintage, people will charge even less. Amazing. Another thing I've noticed is how silly retail chains are basing their ranges on the vintage market trends, targeting the less inspired shopper. For instance, I bought a silk shirt for the magical price of $5 then saw a very similar shirt in a retail chain for $89. Well, well, that is when the market goer has a little moment of glory, and $84 to spend on whatever they please.

Fashion Illustration - by me.

These days my weekends are always open to the opportunity of markets and garage sales. I can not get enough. I wonder when the thrill will be gone... who knows, I'll just see how it goes. Such fun!

Fashion Illustration - by me.

And here are some more illustrations which have been done in Illustrator, with my dear friend the graphics tablet. These illustrations have been inspired by the good folk I see at the markets.

I would like to write and post more pretty pictures however my lack of spectacles and failing computer battery are telling me to say my good byes, perhaps a little prematurely. Until next time - go get that $5 item, you will treasure it I promise.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stay Creative:
Woe is me. It has been so long... So long that I had to guess my password. So long that I forgot the fonts I consistently used. So long I mistook the 'attach link' icon for the 'attach image' icon. How embarrassing.
So I thought it best to start off my somewhat late new years resolution of respecting my blog with something that inspired me once upon a time. That is '33 ways to stay creative'! In hindsight I should have printed this out and stuck it somewhere prominent where I would see it everyday. Then perhaps I wouldn't have become a no blogging loser. Fear not, this will all change, it will all change NOW!

Each point on it's own wouldn't really encourage creativity. You have to read it all together. The process of reading this list is very inspirational. A truly creative person should be doing all of these things. When I look at this list I see potential. I think this list believes in me. I like that it reminds you to drink tea, don't give up, allow yourself to make mistakes, have fun and get lots of rest. This list is a bit like you mum, even telling you to clean your workspace. In all if you did all these things greatness will happen. But perhaps the most important - finish something. An accomplishment leads to tremendous satisfaction.

Here are a few pics of things that inspire me. Apologies for the inability to source these images, I'm aware this is bad form but it's been so long I forgot where I found them. As this blog is ad free, it's safe to say no one's making any money and I take no credit for the images I am about to attach. Here we go!

Amazingly creative couple! Miranda July & Mike Mills = Wow

Just funny. Alfred's a grumpy hot water bottle. Haha.

More creative inspiration by Jim Jarmusch. It's the cold hard truth.

Simply too cute. Great illustration style also.

All the world needs now is love, sweet love. Not to mention super cool love.

I just thought this was pretty cool. I heart repetition and bold colour.

Last but not least, I think you're awesome, if you're out there. Go do something creative.
Until next time!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metronomy - The Look:

For many a month I have been waiting for the new Metronomy album. When it was finally released I listened to it again and again. Walking to the shops, cooking, drawing and then when I saw the video for their single 'The Look' I was inspired to draw. I was particularly taken by the strong colour palette, sharp angles and crisp white background. The entire video was massively stylised and I believe that is what made it so lovely to look at. Enough waffling, here's what I did.

Tenacious Alice Neel

Just got back from watching a documentary based on the life and art of Alice Neel, brilliant American portrait artist. Let me consult my notes, scratched on the back of receipt, written on the tram journey home...

Alice Neel was a master of knowing what needed to be painted and what could be left out. The confidence of leaving certain details out of a painting is what made her work so strong and distinct. I believe the knowing and the confidence are very important, knowing what you want, and being confident enough to see that is all that you need.

Alice was a strong believer in doing what you want no matter how hard it is to achieve. Following your dreams may sound nice but it wasn't meant to be easy. Alice also brought me to the realisation that I should stop worrying about what I haven't done and just be excited about what I can do today and for the rest of my life.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Call This One Flowy Gown:
So in the midst of my graphics tablet obsession I started scanning in some work from my fashion illustration class and then editing it in Illustrator. This particular image focused on negative space by taking a preliminary drawing and continuously knocking out lines to leave minimalist line work and a bold image. I have used a combination of ink and watercolour digital brushes.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Illustrations inspired by Best Coast Frankie shoot.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Equipment = Bigger Geek = FUN

So in the way of new equipment I have purchased a lovely Epsom printer which I've been using to scan my drawings and then paint them in Illustrator. I like the bright colours achieved through painting in Illustrator but I also like the hand drawn quality. No doubt there will be more to come, here's hoping anyway!