Monday, January 3, 2011

How long has it been?! Such a terrible state of affairs...

Oh how long has it been since my last post? I have no excuses. For me, excuses don't really mean much. If I wanted to post I would have made sure that I did. So apologies to anyone who has been severely let down by my lack of dedication to the blogging cause. It is truely outrageous!! However, despite my non-existent posting, I've still been collecting things which I've found a little interesting and/or inspiring. I found these first two pics through trendland which is a great online publication relating to art, design, fashion, photography and my favourite category of all 'hearsay'. I have subscribed to their daily inspiration drops which is a great way to wake up when I'm feeling a little drab. Trendland and a cup of tea - good morning!

Now today I bought a blueberry muffin mix - yes, while many bloggers take a great deal of pride in buying quality (mostly likely organic) ingredients and making beautiful treats from scratch, I bought a pack. I really don't bake enough to warrant the purchase of all the individual ingredients, seems like an unnecessary outlay of cash. It's like a baking commitment with start-up costs. And where did this baking inspiration stem from? Well these ridiculously clever photographs by Carl Kleiner. However, my baking plans have been put on hold due to the requirement of a can opener. Perhaps my housemate Grace has one. If not I will pressure her into showing me how she makes the perfect scones. You really don't need much for scones - flour, egg, something, something, oven.

Quite a while back, I was watching a design program on ABC1. Being such a while ago, I've forgotten the title, let's say something like - Great Design. They were talking about the progression of computer design and I found these images quite interesting and amusing. The first is a mouse, made of wood! ha ha!

This next one is a mock-up of the first desktop display. It was written on a napkin at a cafe where these extremely intelligent geeks gathered to discuss their world changing schemes. They are now very rich geeks, well done them! They can go buy lots of comics to read while they're eating their mac and cheese. Just kidding, geeks are cool, and super clever.

Now this is just a picture of a girl who is cool, casual and elegant, undoubtedly without even trying. This is the best sort of style there is and quite rare. This pic was taken from Hannelli's blog. She's amazingly talented, just read about her wonderful life and you'll be suitably impressed, and probably thinking, why isn't that me?

Did I say - I met Facehunter!! He is brilliant and prolific. He also likes frozen yoghurt. This picture was taken by someone at the Limedrop Greenhouse shop launch. They were giving away lovely cocktails and the place was jam packed with crazy cool Melbourne types that I have been following on twitter but had never seen in the flesh. Oh the interweb, it's social interaction can get us into some rather awkward moments e.g. I know you, but you have no idea who I am.

Here's a nice little Facehunter pic to show how great he is. Of course, everyone knows!

So that's a little bit from me and I promise to be better to my blog. My blog deserves it.