Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metronomy - The Look:

For many a month I have been waiting for the new Metronomy album. When it was finally released I listened to it again and again. Walking to the shops, cooking, drawing and then when I saw the video for their single 'The Look' I was inspired to draw. I was particularly taken by the strong colour palette, sharp angles and crisp white background. The entire video was massively stylised and I believe that is what made it so lovely to look at. Enough waffling, here's what I did.

Tenacious Alice Neel

Just got back from watching a documentary based on the life and art of Alice Neel, brilliant American portrait artist. Let me consult my notes, scratched on the back of receipt, written on the tram journey home...

Alice Neel was a master of knowing what needed to be painted and what could be left out. The confidence of leaving certain details out of a painting is what made her work so strong and distinct. I believe the knowing and the confidence are very important, knowing what you want, and being confident enough to see that is all that you need.

Alice was a strong believer in doing what you want no matter how hard it is to achieve. Following your dreams may sound nice but it wasn't meant to be easy. Alice also brought me to the realisation that I should stop worrying about what I haven't done and just be excited about what I can do today and for the rest of my life.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Call This One Flowy Gown:
So in the midst of my graphics tablet obsession I started scanning in some work from my fashion illustration class and then editing it in Illustrator. This particular image focused on negative space by taking a preliminary drawing and continuously knocking out lines to leave minimalist line work and a bold image. I have used a combination of ink and watercolour digital brushes.