Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frou Frouu is Amazing!

So I'm feeling particularly poorly as a result of silly Melbourne weather and all the new colds floating around that my body is no longer immune to due to my extended time in London. So what do you do when your hand is constantly reaching for a tissue and you want to scratch your eyes out? Well I got inspired by Nadia of Frou Frouu, she is incredibly great at creating the most perfect compositions and her amazing style is infallible. Her entire presence is simply art!

These three illustrations aim to make Nadia the subject in full colour, while living the backgrounds as simple as possible. The more I focused on my own work, the more perfect I realised that Nadia's images are, she has thought of everything, every detail is planned. I've added a couple of my own thoughts as to why I believe each of Nadia's images are exceptional.

Check out Frou Frouu - http://www.froufrouu.com/ for more amazing images.

Filippa Berg's Velvet Red Dress

After seeing this image of Filippa Berg wearing a lovely red velvet dress, I felt a compulsion to make one for myself. Seemed simple enough at the time but let me just say, working with crushed velvet is no walk in the park. I started cutting it out last Tuesday, even cutting that fabric is tricky- stopped. Then began sewing on Friday, realised the fabric doesn't sew in the same way as most fabrics- stopped. After re-thinking the pattern I started again on Monday. Had massive dramas with the zip- stopped. Started again with the zip on Tuesday and almost had a complete dress, except no sleeves- stopped. Wednesday, time to put this dress to bed. Attached the sleeves and hand-sewed the neckline in place.

Claret velvet dress - done. I hope not to see another must-have dress on Filippa anytime soon, that was an ordeal!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Street Style Illustrations - as inspired by wonderful fashion bloggers.

Photograph sourced from - Style Scout

I've recently started illustrating some of my favourite fashion blog looks. The focus is on colours and silhouettes, with less attention to specific detail. The backgrounds are kept relatively plain to keep the focus on the model. Of course, my illustrations would be nothing without the amazing talents of blog photographers in choosing their models and compositions.

Photograph sourced from -Face Hunter

Photograph sourced from -Face Hunter

Photograph sourced from -Style Scout